Hot Work Tool Steel

Hot Work Tool Steel 2365 ISO-B

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Characteristics Tungsten-free special hot work tool steel on a CrMoV base with good toughness. Insensitive to thermal shock, and thus not susceptible to heat cracking. Particularly suitable for water cooling.

Hot Work Tool Steel 2343 ISO-B MOD

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Characteristics This hot work tool steel specially developed for the aluminium and magnesium die casting industry is distinguished by outstanding toughness characteristics. This steel is designed on the basis of a compo- sition modi? cation to suppress temper embrittlement and secondary metallurgical measures required for ISO-B quality. This provides the basic requirements for long tool life in die-casting and extrusion processes. The judicious application of appropriate heat treatment after the forging process, such as microstructure treatment, brings to bear the steel’s key properties, such as: l Fine grained structure l Non-directional toughness in all test positions l Temperature fatigue resistance. Practical experience shows that it is possible to achieve signi? cantly better tool life with this material than with the traditional standard grades 2343 ISO-B and 2344 ISO-B.

Hot Work Tool Steel 2344 ISO-B

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Characteristics CrMoV alloyed hot work tool steel with double V content compared to grade 2343 ISO-B. Very good tempering properties, good toughness, good hardness at high temperatures, very good compressive strength, insensitive to thermal shock. Better wear resistance than grade 2343. Good machinability in the annealed state. Can be cooled in water with limitations.